The positive effects of marijuana

The positive effects of marijuana

Most early cannabis use is in China in 2737 BC. That said, it’s time marijuana or cannabis is used to treat rheumatic diseases, malaria, beriberi, forgetfulness and abdominal pain (Orphans: 1991: 53 things). That said, he said marijuana is a kind of leaves or herbs are the safest to use because it is impossible result in toxic effects in the body.

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In the UK there is a special institution that conducts research on the medical and pharmaceutical cannabis, namely Marijuana Center. As a result, the chemical constituents in marijuana can help cure diseases in the body such as tonic (amplifier), analgesics, painkillers and tranquilizers. Even the effects of cannabis can increase appetite turned out to be good for people with AIDS and anorexia nervosa that need to be raised appetite. While feeling stoned or drift associated with fun or laughter that supposedly can help the healing power of the body and soul.

On the one hand, marijuana is considered dangerous and as the gateway to the drug. However, on the other hand turned out to be marijuana has positive effects, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Apparently, the ban would be the storage, use, until the distribution of marijuana in some countries of the world, because there is abuse of cannabis itself.

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