Putting a Sweet or Spicy Spin on Some Classic Dishes

Putting a Sweet or Spicy Spin on Some Classic Dishes

Mayonnaise has donned its crown and taken its place on the food industry’s throne as the king of sandwich spreads and recipe inclusions. It gives an endless array of dishes a signature taste and texture as well as an extra je ne sais quois. Some of the properties it passes along to other foods simply can’t be put into words. When most people think of mayo, savory dishes come to mind. Potato salad; bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches; deviled eggs; burgers; and macaroni salad are a few of the most commonly occurring options in this category.

Hampton Creek set out on a journey to change the course of food as the world now knows it. Among the company’s most popular products are their Just Mayo and its sriracha, garlic and chipotle variations, all made using plant proteins rather than eggs. Just as they’re placing their vegan alternatives on store shelves to positively alter the food market, they’re giving the world a few fresh new ideas for using these products. In a sense, they’re sweetening the pot.

These surprising twists are readily available on the Hampton Creek website with a new take on carrot salad topping the list. Made with maple syrup, herbs and Just Sriracha, this classic favorite gets a spicy new kick. Original Just Mayo makes an appearance in the company’s recipe for Just Sweet Potato Salad. It’s combined with sweet potatoes or yams, raisins and roasted walnuts as well as a few additional finishing touches.

Waldorf salad is another widely accepted dish, and Hampton Creek’s “Just” version doesn’t stray far from the original. Apples, grapes and walnuts make up the bulk of the ingredients, all slathered in Just Mayo. This particular sandwich topping itself can also be given a luscious, fruity spin by adding a bit of cranberry sauce, perhaps to top a leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich.

Chocolate cake meets Just Mayo as well, but Hampton Creek doesn’t limit their contribution to the world of treats to recipes alone. They’ve developed their own versions of cookie dough, muffin and cake mixes and a number of other delectables. You can read more About this company on Fortune Magazine’s website.

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